Will Your Building Pass or Fail a Disaster, Grand Rapids, MI

Your handy online dictionary describes ‘disaster’ as a “sudden event, such as an accident or natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life”. In a commercial or industrial setting, you know with a fair amount of certainty that disasters – of the large and small variety – can strike without notice, resulting in disruption to business operations, goods, and services. A disaster can be defined in the mind of a commercial property owner as ‘anything that negatively impacts profitability.’

The most common disasters we see as West Michigan commercial plumbers are outlined below so you can determine if your building would pass or fail a catastrophe. If you experience these or any other unexpected situations, K&S Plumbing is available to quickly respond to your water disaster recovery.

Failed Plumbing

Although ruptured pipes can usually be prevented, it’s a fairly common situation in commercial buildings that aren’t regularly inspected by professional commercial plumbers. If buildings aren’t properly heated in the winter months, they are susceptible to frozen and burst pipes. Those same buildings usually have the most substantial damage because when they’re not adequately heated, they are also often unoccupied. And with no one to notice the onset of a disaster, the cost of damage can significantly escalate.

Everyday use can also weaken plumbing, especially when there is a large number of building occupants and equipment, putting a strain on the systems. Again, this is preventable with proactive plumbing maintenance and repairs. Your local full-service plumber can assess the everyday usage to help determine reinforcements to prevent ruptured pipes.

Failed Appliances and Equipment

A breakdown as simple as a water heater malfunction or as critical as a major machinery failure can bring on a building disaster. The higher the water pressure that is used by the equipment, the greater the risk of chaos and flooding – usually in the most-used areas of your building. Even with routine plumber maintenance, appliances and equipment can unexpectedly break down. Restaurant and foodservice buildings are at an even higher risk of equipment failure, and they stand to lose revenue when the disaster halts operations and forces closure of the building. Aside from routine preventative maintenance from your Grand Rapids plumbing services at K&S Plumbing, the best way to be prepared is to know who to call in the event of a disaster.

Failed Sprinkler System

When it comes to fire safety and the well-being of your building’s occupants, we cannot stress it enough: proactive preventative plumbing maintenance is critical. A malfunction in a commercial or industrial sprinkler system is a true definition of disaster – one with far-reaching effects. Your Grand Rapids professional commercial plumbers will not only test and inspect sprinkler lines and equipment, but they will also check to make sure occupants have not obstructed any of the lines or sprinklers.

Pass the Test

You may have noticed a theme in this blog. The first piece of advice is to schedule routine plumbing maintenance from a full-service commercial plumber. K&S Plumbing can help prevent or diminish a disaster that leaves your commercial or industrial building in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas inoperable due to flooding and broken equipment. And, should the unexpected happen, the second piece of advice is to know who to call.

A plumbing emergency is never the time to begin your research to find a Grand Rapids, Michigan area plumber that specializes in commercial and industrial plumbing services.

Call K&S Plumbing and speak to one of our professionals to consult with you on a commercial plumbing maintenance program to avert the potential for disaster.

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