When to Involve a Plumber on a Construction Project, Grand Rapids, MI

Plumbers are an integral part of any construction project team. They ensure functionality, quality design, and safety. At K&S Plumbing, we offer a full range of quality plumbing services for every stage of the construction project. From the planning stages to the regular maintenance after a project is completed, well-trained and experienced plumbers are a necessity.

During the Design Stage
During the design stages of a new structure or a renovation of an existing structure, a plumbing expert is an excellent asset to a construction design team. These professionals can ensure that any plumbing systems are well-integrated. With complex design plans that overlap one another, utilizing the expertise of a professional plumber is the most practical and safe choice.

At K&S Plumbing, our mechanical engineers and plumbers carefully develop plans to meet your needs. Through the use of CAD (computer-aided design), we create innovative blueprints with 3D visualizations of the plumbing system. This ground-breaking technology allows you to easily understand and picture how the system will look and function. You can easily review and approve plans with the full picture in mind.

During Installation
When construction begins, licensed and experienced plumbers will be needed for the installation of the plumbing system. For this stage, it is necessary to find a plumbing company that can fit your needs and has the necessary expertise. For commercial plumbing, it is essential to use the correct high-grade pipes and fixtures that will withstand a heavy amount of use.

At K&S Plumbing, we have over 30 years of experience installing commercial plumbing in the Grand Rapids area. We have worked with office buildings, churches, shopping malls, apartment buildings, and restaurants, among others.

After the Plumbing System is Installed
After the installation of a plumbing system, the next step is regular, preventative maintenance. Commercial plumbing is subject to a large amount of wear and tear. Repairs and water damage are costly and can cause disruptions to your business or apartment. Regular maintenance means that any issues can be stopped from the start, and your plumbing system will be working safely and effectively.

For help with the design, installation, maintenance, and repairs of your commercial plumbing system, contact K&S Plumbing at 616-698-6790.