What Makes a Plumbing Emergency, Grand Rapids, MI

The words “Plumbing Emergency” can be fearful ones for many homeowners and business owners. There can be health risks and extensive financial ramifications with not fixing crucial plumbing failures, so this blog post is designed to help you understand when you should immediately call your Grand Rapids emergency commercial plumbing company. Of course, proper plumbing preventative maintenance is the best way to protect your most valuable real estate assets. Making sure drains are unclogged, performing regular checks on water heaters, and running drainage tests will ensure you can avoid these four dangerous situations.

Frozen Pipes

In the cold Michigan winters, there is always a risk of frozen pipes. If your building or home is poorly insulated or your pipes run close to the outdoors, freezing may be a concern. A frozen pipe can burst due to the expansion of the water turning into ice, leaving you with a two-fold problem: no water can flow through a solid block of ice, and your pipe is unusable and must be repaired or replaced. If you are worried about frozen pipes, call your plumbing professionals in Grand Rapids for preventative maintenance or an emergency plumber to fix them if they are already frozen.


The risk of flooding in your business cannot be tolerated. Flooding due to sump pump failure at your business, or burst pipe for any reason, means you should have an emergency plumber that can arrive immediately. In a preventive maintenance visit, have your plumber show you where the shut of valves are for your home or business so that you can avoid additional flooding once you discover a leak before the professionals arrive.

Sewer Backup

When a sewer line backs up, the sewage sits at its back-up point which can be a health hazard. At the very least it is unpleasant to deal with the smell. While the sewer line is backed up you will be unable to run water or use the facilities, making it difficult to stay in the building for any extended period.

Being Without Water

While this is a less crucial problem compared to the previous problems, it still constitutes a plumbing emergency due to the health risks involved. At a business with specific medical standards, such as the dental office plumbing systems we service, not having water means that instruments cannot be cleaned and business must come to a halt. Call your plumber immediately if you are unable to use your water lines.

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