Spotting a Ceiling Leak, Grand Rapids, MI

A leaking pipe is always bad news in your home or business, but a ceiling leak is particularly worrisome for several reasons. Should you see a leak developing in your ceiling, make sure to call your Grand Rapids plumbing contractors as soon as possible for repairs and maintenance. Most property owners have experienced this at least once, so you don’t need to worry that you are neglecting things, but a bucket under a leak can only last so long.

Ceiling Leak Dangers

A ceiling leak is bad news because there can be mold that can build up in the residual moisture causing health concerns for employees or family members. Structurally, your ceiling can be vulnerable after repeated dousing or breakdown of materials due to water penetration. Taking quick action is crucial to prevent mildew, mold, drywall rot and wood rot.

Identifying Leakage

That’s why ceiling leaks are worth an immediate call to your local plumbing contractor. Many times they cause serious damage before becoming noticeable. Keep an eye out for bubbling or peeling paint on the ceilings. Contrary to what some may say, multiple spots may not be indicative of multiple leaks. Water can pool up and flow above your ceiling before making its way through the plaster or stucco. A professional plumber can identify the source while taking stock of all the possibilities.

Finding the Source of the Leak.

If your leak happens at certain times, make sure you keep track of what was going on. Clogged Gutters and drain spouts can cause ceiling leaks due to puddles on flat roofs or in valleys. Visually inspect your roof if you see water coming in through the ceiling while it is raining, you may discover a missing shingle or a faulty gutter. If you have attic access, you can go there with a flashlight and take a look around before the plumber shows up. Water will always flow from the highest to the lowest point, so identifying flows beforehand can help your plumber work their way from the symptom to the cause of the problem. If you notice a ceiling leak underneath an upstairs bathroom, take a look inside the bathroom cupboards and around the base of the toilet to see if there is residual dampness or standing water. If the dampness doesn’t go away after a noticeable leak has stopped, you can suspect a leaky pipe.

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