Identifying Sewer Odors in Your Commercial Building

Even the slightest sewer odors in your commercial building can be a sign of a developing larger issue that must be resolved right away. Identifying where the issue originates requires professional commercial plumbers. There are multiple potential causes as to what leads sewer odors to enter a commercial building but each one must be addressed and solved correctly in order to eliminate future or more severe issues.

Here are a few of the most common reasons sewer odors will develop:

Poorly Installed or Leaking Sewer Vents

The purpose of sewer vents is to provide a balance of pressure from the build-up and drainage through the roof of sewer gas. If the vents were not installed correctly or a leak develops in one of the pipes, this will cause the sewer gas to enter a room either through a drain or the walls. A professional plumber would need to locate the origin of the leak and resolve the issue accordingly.

Clogged Plumbing Vents

Vents can become clogged from various things such as storm damage, animal nests, etc. When this happens, the sewer gas will get pushed back down through the pipes and seep up through the drains in various parts of the building. A “gurgling” sound may even appear, which is an indication the sewer gas is percolating through the water barrier in the p-traps. Whatever the cause of the clogged vent may be, a professional commercial plumber should be contacted to view these roof vents and identify the problem.

Leaks in Sewer/Septic Lines

These lines can easily clog over time due to debris or be compromised from the growth of tree roots. When this happens, the sewer odor will typically be the first sign. Professional sewer or septic line cleaning (or repairs if necessary) is required to properly fix the issue. If left unresolved, the sewer line may need to eventually be replaced.

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