Commercial Plumbing Grand Rapids MI

Commercial plumbing gets more use than the plumbing in your home. Fortunately, our commercial plumbers are able to anticipate your needs based on the type of building you manage.

We have experience installing and maintaining commercial plumbing for several different types of buildings. Keep reading to learn more.

We Offer Commercial Plumbing For...

Office Buildings

Office buildings get a lot of foot traffic from employees and visitors. Will your commercial plumbing be able to withstand heavy daily use? Our plumbing contractors make sure your bathrooms and kitchenettes stay in working order.


Churches are not only places of worship, but venues for weddings, christenings, and even community events. Our plumbing contractors will be able to determine the commercial plumbing needs for your church based on its expected daily usage.

Shopping Malls & Retail Stores

Shopping malls get more foot traffic around the holidays. Are you ready? The last thing you want is for a run-down bathroom to leave a bad impression on prospective customers. Call our commercial plumbing contractors today.


It’s a mistake to neglect warehouse plumbing. Don’t let a leaking pipe or other commercial plumbing issue compromise your inventory. Since warehouses cover thousands of square feet, it’s difficult to catch plumbing problems without the help of a professional. We do a thorough inspection of your warehouse so commercial plumbing is kept in excellent shape.


Depending on the size of your school, you could have hundreds (or even thousands) of students using your restrooms every day. Children have been known to clog toilets with too much tissue, flush toilets more than once, and even leave sinks running. Fortunately, our plumbing contractors are able to respond quickly so repairs are done as soon as possible.

Grocery Stores

Our plumbing contractors are familiar with the types of commercial plumbing used for public restrooms, refrigeration cases, and more. We understand that a non-working cooler can cost you money in spoiled food, which is why we offer our emergency plumbing service to grocery stores like yours.

Manufacturing Plants

Our plumbing contractors are trained to safely work inside manufacturing plants. Our experience in industrial plumbing sets us apart from the competition. You can trust our over 30 years experience.


Bathrooms that are out of order can leave a bad impression on customers so they don’t want to eat at your restaurant. We understand that you can’t afford to close your restaurant for even a day while you wait for commercial plumbing repair, which is why we respond quickly to your call.


We understand that you need to maintain a clean hygienic environment for seeing patients. The last thing you need is a burst pipe contaminating your space. We understand the types of commercial plumbing optometrists need to set up shop and can start repairs as soon as possible.

Apartment Buildings

The best way to keep tenants happy is to respond to plumbing problems in a timely manner. You can trust our plumbing contractors to respond quickly to a leaking pipe or other emergencies. We do everything we can to help prevent water damage to your apartment building.

More than 30 years experience installing commercial plumbing!

Our plumbers in Caledonia MI are dedicated to helping you maintain commercial buildings. To request an estimate for our commercial plumbing services, call K&S Plumbing Co. at (616) 698-6790.