5 Steps to Stop a Freezing Pipe Disaster, Grand Rapids, MI

As winter hits Grand Rapids freezing and bursting pipes are always a concern. With Michigan’s fluctuating and unpredictable weather, we never know when there will be a sudden drop in temperature. Without the proper precautions, your building’s pipes could suffer freeze and burst, resulting in expensive repairs and heavy water damage.

The team at K & S Plumbing wants to help you protect your business from a freezing pipe disaster. Follow these five steps and then give us a call.

Keep the Heat On

Don’t turn down your heat at night or when you leave. While this seems like a financially wise choice, a burst pipe will be far more expensive. Our plumbing team advises to keep your heat set to 55°F or higher.

Use Insulation

One of the best ways to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting is to insulate them with foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves. We recommend this because the insulation will help the pipes to hold in heat and protect them from sudden temperature shifts.

Keep Your Faucets Dripping

Having a small amount of water moving through your pipes is an excellent way to prevent pipes from freezing. Water is much less likely to freeze when it is moving instead of stationary. If you are going to be away from your business for a few days, this is essential.

Leave Your Cabinets Open

To keep heat circulating around vulnerable pipes in a kitchen or bathroom, leave cabinets open. Closed cabinets block the room’s heat from reaching the pipes, making them more susceptible to freezing. Give your pipes a helping hand by leaving the cabinets open or ajar.

Prevent Drafts

Make sure that your commercial space doesn’t have a draft. You can do this by checking basements, garages, windows, doors, or other areas that may be prone to drafts or colder temperature. If you’ve found a draft, it is important to seal them to prevent an icy snap from freezing your pipes. You may find that extra insulation in some areas could be useful.

Plummeting temperatures in West Michigan present a serious risk for frozen pipes. Ready to prepare your business from winter’s freezing dangers? Reach out to our expert plumbing contractors today.