5 Benefits of Touchless Bathroom Faucets Grand Rapids Plumbers

We're starting to see more and more hands free technology in public bathrooms, especially for toilets, soap dispensers, and faucets. Hands free faucets are activated by movement, which means they only turn on when they're needed. Continue reading to learn how our plumbing contractors can help you save water and money with touchless bathroom faucets.

1.) Water Conservation

We're all guilty of taking water for granted. When we turn on the faucet, we expect a steady stream of water to fill our cup, cooking pot, or bathtub. Unfortunately, fresh water is a limited natural resource. This means that we have to be careful how we use it and make sure we protect our lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams so they last for generations.

One way your building can conserve water is to invest in touchless bathroom faucets. These hands free faucets only turn on when they detect movement. This means that you don't have to worry about someone leaving the water on or overflowing sinks. Touchless faucets are smart enough to know when they're not needed. A touchless faucet will only stay on for as long as it detects movement or once 10 seconds have passed.

2.) Cleanliness

Have you ever noticed how soap scum builds up on bathroom faucets over time? The best way to keep your bathroom faucets clean is to invest in hands free technology. Hands free faucets turn on when they sense movement so soap goes down the drain instead of drying on the handle.

3.) Healthiness

You'd be surprised how many germs accumulate on bathroom faucets. If you run a dental office or other medical facility, you'll want to take every measure to prevent the spread of germs, especially during cold and flu season. Our plumbing contractors will be able to install touchless bathroom faucets so you can protect patient health.

4.) Modern Design

Touchless bathroom faucets don't have handles or knobs. This sleek design makes touchless faucets perfect for modern bathrooms. If you've designed your office to fit a modern brand, it definitely helps to coordinate your bathroom.

5.) ADA Compliance

ADA stands for the American Disability Act, which holds businesses, schools, and other organizations accountable for handicap accessibility. While most bathroom sinks are ADA compliant, a touchless faucet could make compliance even easier.

For a bathroom faucet to be ADA compliant, you have to be able to turn the handle with one hand. However, touchless faucets are even easier to turn on for people with limited range of motion. The built-in sensor is able to detect when a hand moves near the faucet so it can release water.

A hands free faucet improves the usability of your bathroom for people of all abilities. We specialize in commercial plumbing, which means we know how to make sure your bathroom plumbing follows standards set by the ADA. For example, we'll make sure that your faucet flows for at least 10 seconds before shutting off, giving someone enough time to wash their hands regardless of ability.

Our Caledonia plumbing contractors offer a range of services to help building owners meet ADA standards for commercial plumbing. To schedule your quote for touchless bathroom faucets, call K&S Plumbing at (616) 698-6790.